Products & Services

Our portfolio enables brands to connect with consumers in different environments across multiple formats.

To find out more about our range of products please contact a member of our sales team

Our range of diverse products allows brands to target specific segments of the Northern Ireland market or the entire population.

We provide both local and international advertisers the opportunity to reach their target market in a non evasive manner.

With offices in the Republic of Ireland, Clear Channel can offer advertisers coverage throughout the entire island. 

Adshel Live Malls - Digital Screens

Find out more about our digital screens

Asda Live - Digital Screens

Target customers at 12 Asda stores across the province

Adshel 6's

View our bus shelter advertising and the possibilities it offers for advertisers to creatively engage Irish audiences.


Target customers at multiples and symbols


Grab the audiences attention with our large billboard displays


Target customers with our retail option

Connect Mobile Platform

Information about our NFC platform

Local Sales

Find out more about our local sales services

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