Local Sales

Use Clear Channel to communicate with your local audiences

The process to get your message out there begins with a call to your ‘local sales team’ on 028 9046 3263 or email localsalesni@clearchannel.ie for a sales pack

Clear Channel Outdoor has a range of opportunities available for local advertisers with solutions to every budget and need.
Join the selection of large national & international brands that regularly use ‘outdoor advertising’ to reach their audiences in a highly cost effective way.

Outdoor advertising is able to reach your audience better than other traditional advertising formats and at surprisingly affordable costs.
Our panels are used to:
  • Get your message onto the ‘high street
  • Provide direction to an outlet
  • Highlight a sale 
  • Promote an event 
  • Target a competitor
  • Reach everyone within your catchment area with no ‘wastage’ 
Outdoor is a simple and highly effective medium and the process to get your message within your local market is easy and straighforward.
Our local sales team are experts at finding an appropriate solution for your business and providing ideas on how best to reach your target audience and most importantly ensure results.
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