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Adshel is the number one outdoor format within Northern Ireland comprising over 1650 panels spread across the whole province including all main towns & cities.

Adshel panels are located at premium locations, at the optimum eye level & primarily illuminated, so whether its reaching those on the school run, shopping trips, summer evening walks or meeting friends at a new restaurant, Adshel advertising can deliver your target audience.

Wherever people are, we are, and wherever they are going, we'll be there to. Adshel panels are the ideal medium to promote your product or service and reach your target audience.

Key Features:

  • Premium locations
  • Extensive urban network
  • Comprehensive national, local & street level coverage
  • High visibility format
  • Strong audience delivery across all demographics, particularly 16 to 34’s and ABC1’s
  • Multiple proximity opportunities 
  • Highly flexible solutions
  • Lowest CPT
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