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We have a strong billboard portfolio of 300+ prime locations which cover all main towns & cities across Northern Ireland and can be complemented by our Adshel, Adshel Connect & Adbox products.

Billboards make your message part of people's everyday lives, whether people are caught in traffic, out on foot or riding on the bus, the majority of journeys are made alone and when people have time to think.

Let your ads speak to people in their 'in-between' time, between home and office, just grabbing a bite or catching the shops before they shut when advertising seems more like a welcome distraction than a hard sell.

Key Features:

  • High quality locations
  • Located in conurbation areas with a population of 20,000+
  • High percentage of panels illuminated
  • Guaranteed above average VAC (Visibility Adjusted Contacts)
  • Flexible options 
  • Large premium banner opportunities
  • Network of back illuminated Lightboxes
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