Socialite - In Pub/Bar Digital Screens

Engaging young and affluent audiences in their chosen environment

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Socialite - In Pub/Bar Digital Screens

Our Northern Ireland Network of almost 100 HD Digital Screens in Pubs and Bars. Engaging a young and affluent audience in their chosen environment with impactful, static, full motion or video content. These 50’ screens are in a prominent location in proximity to the main bar.

How Pub or Bar Advertising an work for your Business?

Frame of Mind – Those who are in pubs and bars are at ease, in a relaxed environment making them receptive to your message

Dwell Time – Waiting at the bar…waiting for a friend. These are the moments when we are looking for a distraction. The socialite screens give us a welcome one

Artwork – Be Creative. You have the perfect opportunity to engage individuals as well as a a group of friends. Give them something to talk about that will make them remember you.

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